Carlo Ancelotti admitted to tax fraud during his first term as Real Madrid coach | La Liga

Carlo Ancelotti admitted to tax fraud during his first term as Real Madrid coach |  La Liga

real madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, pleaded in front of a judge on Friday of responsibility for the alleged tax fraud in 2014, although he linked it to bad advice from his advisors and distanced himself from the accusation related to fiscal year 2015.

The Italian coach sympathized, Friday, in front of Magistrate No. 35 in Madrid, where he was asked about the complaint that Prosecutor’s Office He was charged for two possible offenses against the public treasury in the 2014 and 2015 fiscal years, where, according to the prosecution’s thesis, 1062,079 euros would have been stopped from entering the public treasury.

During the appearance, Ancelotti admitted that he did not pay taxes correctly in reference to the first year, corresponding to his first stage at the head of the white club, although he, in turn, justified that he had not been well informed by his assistants, according to El Mundo and legal sources confirm to Efe.

in devotion, You have shown your willingness to pay the requested amount. He did not do the same with regard to the 2015 accusation. Ancelotti disagreed with the thesis of the accusation by saying that in that year, in which he stopped coaching Real Madrid, he was not in Spain long enough (183) days that he could be considered, according to the standards of the IRS, Taxpayer from the Spanish Treasury, add sources.

The complaint submitted by the OTP Economic Area asserts that the coach “did not receive income from his professional activity as a coach for any other sports club” throughout the 2014 and 2015 financial years, since 2016 / 17 season he did not join Bayern Munich, so “his main source of income was It is his relationship with Real Madrid.”

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In these two seasons, he signed two contracts with the white club, one of which corresponds to his working relationship as an employee and the other refers to the transfer of his image rights. According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, “with the aim of unjustifiably evading his obligations to the public treasury”, Ancelotti excluded income corresponding to the exploitation of his image rights, as well as those derived from his relationship with Club Madrid or those obtained as a result of contracts related to other brands.

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