Carter Ryum, Successful Businessman Paris Hilton Marries | Persons

Carter Ryum, Successful Businessman Paris Hilton Marries |  Persons

The fourth time a charm. So we must think Paris Hilton After announcing their fourth engagement. After model Jason Shaw introduced her to her in 2002, Greek film producer W. social Paris Latsis did it in 2005 and Russian born actor Chris Zelka in 2017, It sure looks like it was Carter Rheum is the one to go to the altar with the businesswoman and DJ. “When you find your companion, you not only know it, but feel it,” Hilton wrote Wednesday on her Instagram, along with a video clip of several photos of the request that occurred on Paradise Island as they traveled to celebrate her 40th birthday.

Her new partner has known the Hilton family for a long time and brought to light “ethics and authenticity” in Paris after getting to know them firsthand. Born in Chicago, Rayom attended Columbia University and is a well-known Hollywood tech entrepreneur. He became a famous businessman when he co-founded the Natural Souls brand with his brother, Courtney Spirits of VEEVWhich they sold in 2016 to focus on their venture capital firm Messier 13 (M13). Since its launch nearly five years ago, the Reum Brothers have invested in major companies like Lyft, Classpass, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Newly Paris Hilton fiance is also authored. In 2018, the businessman published a book called Abbreviation for startup: Accelerate success with funky tips from the trenches. This booklet is a hands-on play for both ambitious and experienced businessmen, as he wrote Four Hands with his brother and quickly became a bestseller.

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Hilton and Carter have known each other for more than 15 years and have mutual friends. For the two of them, we coincided with a Thanksgiving celebration in 2019 at The Hamptons, as they both felt a crush, according to what Paris revealed on her Instagram last December. “From the moment we looked at each other, I knew there was something special about you. I will always be very grateful that I went to the Hamptons for Thanksgiving. I know it all happened for a reason. I love everything about you and everything that I did for me. It changed my life from In many ways it made me the woman I was always meant to be. And I never felt happier or more alive, ”she said at the time.

It wasn’t the first time that he talked about the admiration they both experienced when they saw each other at that dinner. “We had incredible chemistry. Since our first date we haven’t spent a separate night.” The heir to the hotel empire said in an interview with Persons Last September, as it happened that the epidemic was alone a lot. “This is the first time I’ve been forced not to travel and stay at home,” explained Hilton, who was traveling up to 250 days a year to work before the health crisis paralyzed all sectors. “The positive aspect is that I can be with my pet and my friend. We got very close. The amount of time we spent together is what we would normally have needed for five years!”

After announcing her engagement, the star who became famous in Realtiy show Simple life He posted on his website all the photos of the proposal, a very special moment, which, according to the photos, looked very well planned. During a trip to a private island to celebrate the businesswoman’s 40th anniversary, Carter Rheum, dressed in an all-white suit, kneels in front of Paris Hilton in a diamond-encrusted Retrofete and Loschy crown. Then they embrace and kiss as she wears her engagement ring on her left hand. It is a jewel specially designed for it by Jean Doucet, grandson of Louis Cartier, made of diamond cut and valued at one million dollars.

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Nothing to envy about the ring that Russian-born translator Chris Zilka presented to Hilton at the end of 2017. Then it was a large 20-karat platinum diamond made by Green & Co and Two million dollars was disputed After their relationship collapsed since then It took Paris several months to get her back. On top of that, the gem had given a lot to talk about because on one occasion Paris lost her while dancing in a nightclub, and she made the music and the crowd stop – he even looked at their drinks – to get it back.

But that’s behind us and in celebration of the new proposal, Paris and Carter accompanied Paris’s sister Nikki Hilton and her husband James Richchild; His brother, Baron Hilton, and his wife, Tessa Grafen von Alderdorf. There were also several members of the groom’s family, including his mother, Sherry Rayom, as well as his brother, Kourtney.

Although Reum is not close to the famous Hilton stature, he is very well positioned in Hollywood and has a great resume behind it. The 38-year-old businessman is a well-established businessman on the American stage, which makes him the perfect partner to heir to the hotel empire because he is a “self-made” man with real business skills. Something he shares with his current fiancée, Away from the media spotlight in recent years Leaving behind years of partying, madness and waste, Paris Hilton focuses on her work as a businesswoman, with 19 product lines to her name.

Through the posts that Hilton assigned to Carter on her Instagram, she always made sure that she never left his side because she became the woman she always wanted to be. At 40, Paris Hilton is determined to Say goodbye to your past as you settle into maturity. He wants to start a family, and he’s already started with it Treatment in the laboratory you underwent With her fiancé and became a spokesperson for young men who suffered abuse after unveiling in a A documentary about his life, This is ParisWho was subjected to physical and psychological abuse during Most famously lived in boarding school in Utah.

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