Cash crisis in Cuban ATMs and banks?

Cash crisis in Cuban ATMs and banks?

For several weeks, Cuban users on social networks have been complaining about long lines in front of banks and ATMs that don’t have the cash customers are asking for.

In addition to the fact that most ATMs have technical problems, others do not dispense bills of the low type, which is why extracting money in Cuba becomes epic, especially at the beginning of the month when they tend to pay workers. .

“Yesterday I went to the ATM at 7:00 pm and there was no cash in any of the Cardenas ATMs,” one Cárdenas resident recounted on social media. “Now, I ask the bank manager, again, what does a person who needs to extract money at dawn to go to the hospital in an emergency situation do.”

Cash crisis in Cuba

Another person confirmed that there had been no money in the bank for days and that the companies were not able to pay their workers: “I decided to go to the bank, I could still extract, and the worst thing was that there was no money in the box either. It was The worker’s gloom and sadness face is awful, I was able to get the extraction done but the cashier did wonders to give me my money back, little bubbles came out of all places.

As a result of the ATM crisis in Cuba, additional cash service has been enabled in several provinces, allowing withdrawals of up to 5,000 pesos from institutions that have signed contracts with the bank. However, many users have warned that in many establishments there is not even cash available for delivery in this way.

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my boss Cuban Central Bank (BCC) indicated that technological obsolescence is a factor that makes the task of technicians who have to repair ATMs difficult, as non-existent spare parts are required to perform the necessary updates. Also, some ATMs require new bills and the cash they hold is old.

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