Cavs sign first-round pick Sexton to rookie deal

The Cavs have signed first-round draft pick Collin Sexton to his rookie contract.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have made their first signing of the summer.

The team it announced through a press release Wednesday afternoon that it has signed Collin Sexton, its 2018 first-round draft choice.

The former Alabama star’s rookie contract is a four-year, $20.2 million deal. The most he could earn as a rookie, per NBA rules, is $4.1 million, based on where he was taken in the draft, eighth overall. The first two years of the contract are guaranteed, with Years 3 and 4 being team options.

With Sexton having signed the deal, he cannot be traded to 30 days, also per NBA rules. That doesn’t seem likely.

“We’re going to invest a lot of time into him and he’s a part of this culture now of winning, of hard work, attitude, the stuff we talk about,” Cavaliers general manager Koby Altman said of the point guard during Sexton’s introductory press conference last month.

Sexton will make his on-court debut with Cleveland as part of its team in the Las Vegas Summer League, which tips off Friday.

The singing of Sexton puts the Cavaliers with 12 players under contract, with three open roster spots. One will most likely be filled by Rodney Hood, a restricted free agent. Cleveland has the right to match any offer he receives and reportedly intends to do so.

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  1. Yay Sexton! Best wishes. With a year or two tanking, we’ll be back contending shortly with Sexton at the helm.

    Sexton, Hood, Cedi, Nance, Zizic starting line-up on day one. Tristan’s GF is working on a deal for TT to work in LA so she won’t have to travel back and forth to see TT play. JR is looking for a modeling gig with Segway. Kendrick is applying as an LA cheerleader. KLove traded for two 1st rounders 2019, 2021, two second rounders 2020 and 2021 to go with Loul Deng.

    Leaving George Hill and Kyle Korver to mentor the young bunch in Cleveland. Big Z makes his return to Cleveland helping to coach the bigs now that James is gone again.

    A pre-season game will get shut down by local authorities due to a slight slippage on a Cavalier outfit. Reopens to a BOGO sale on Bolillos.

  2. Beany Boy | July 4, 2018 at 3:22 pm |

    Welcome to the WWF kid.

  3. Hey Sam, Are the Cavs doing ANYTHING???
    Or are they still sulking, pouting, crying, (STILL in SHOCK?) while FREE AGENCY BLOWS RIGHT BY THEM ? ? ? SEEMS like ALL the major movement of BIG TIME player types are GONE & even now, much of the other decent players are trickling away quickly ? ? ? ? WHY IS EVERYTHING WITH ANY OF THE CAVS POSSIBLE MOVES GONE DARK MODE ? ?
    WE’RE GETTING : Pelican interested in Schroder, Sixer sign Bjleica, Balls surgery leaked… , someone signing someone else, some other team is interested in… , Fizdale is having some sort of Knicks vision, BUT WHAT ON EARTH IS THE CAVS DOING OR PLANNING TO DO, (ANYTHING) ? ?
    OH, thats right they ARE keeping LUE ? ? ? ?
    I know this is NOT YOUR FAULT, Sam, but are they just sitting around in mopey spirits, or are they GOING TO GET SOMEONE TO STOP THE DAM FROM BURSTING ANY FURTHER ? ? ? The planing for next season has already started leaving the station and as FANs, we’re here watching the conductors standing around the station house as the train rolls off ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ???????????????? If it’s already leaving this fast, there’s no catching a train this season, or any next season…. If you build it, they will come…. BUT IF YOU DON’T, NO ONE WILL COME.

    • Please don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of activity going on AND YOU GUYS ARE REPORTING ON IT VERY WELL. It’s just that there’s activity visible ALL OVER the NBA BUT ALL IS SILENT when it come to the CAV’s ? ? ? And soon (like almost now) MOST of this years good free agent are history, being signed as WE type, so that’s what I’m getting at. Iz it completely OVER for this season already. ? ? ?
      Or has Sexton, Cedi, Ziz, got some legitimate kind of help coming ? Not sure if Lue would even play the aforementioned–probably would find some G-league veterans instead ?? ?? ?? How about Channing Frye again. At least we would have a 3pt center(without much D of course) that would clear the floor for SOME penetration. lol.

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