CDC Director says reinforcements for Moderna and J&J vaccine recipients will be resolved with similar urgency

CDC Director says reinforcements for Moderna and J&J vaccine recipients will be resolved with similar urgency

(CNN) – Dr. Rochelle Valencia, Director of Centers American Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC said on Monday that boosters for people who have received the Moderna and J&J vaccines will be addressed as urgently as the Pfizer vaccine.

In an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America”, Valensky reiterated that the current booster recommendations are only for those who have received the second dose of the Pfizer / Bioentech Covit-19 vaccine for more than six months.

“If you’ve got Moderna and J&J we & # 39; ve not forgotten you,” Valensky said, adding that boosters can be found for these groups as soon as possible, and the combination and fit of vaccines in the future.

“We will address the boosters for those people, as well as study the science and data for composition and fitting, with the same urgency,” he said.

The FDA approves the emergency use of the Pfizer vaccine booster 1:44

“I would like to reiterate that this is a very slow decline. There is no urgency to seek reinforcement immediately. You should not rush to your reinforcement meeting,” he added.

“We’ll be looking at the data of Moderna and J&J in a very short period of time.

The vaccine makes work mandatory

In the same interview, Valensky said he was excited about the idea that more people should be vaccinated against Govt-19, and that vaccine orders would work.

“I’m a doctor, a public health officer, I’m not a lawyer, but what I’m saying is that more people are being vaccinated, the more the community is protected, the less diseases there are in the community,” the New York State deadline for health workers to be vaccinated, the number of its opponents and vaccine orders working. Valensky said when asked what it says about whether it does.

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“We have seen these vaccination orders vaccinating more and more people,” he said.

12 million can be vaccinated due to Biden’s tenure 0:59

“Therefore, I am happy that more people are being vaccinated because I think it is better to protect individuals, to protect their own health, their families and the communities around them,” he added.

Asked if the loss of health workers in the process really created a safer environment in hospitals, Valensky said “it totally creates a challenge.”

He said, “We have to work to educate these health workers, find out where they are, understand where their suspicions are, so they can be vaccinated and go back to work.”

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