Plaza Las Americas announces the arrival of new stores and restaurants | Aharon

Plaza Las Americas announces the arrival of new stores and restaurants |  Aharon

The Plaza Las Américas shopping center has announced the early opening of new stores and restaurants between October and November, just at the start of the Christmas season.

These include Springfield and Pashon stores, Mañanitas and Smash Burger restaurants, an MCS service center, and a Tesla auto showroom. It was also announced that the Casa Phipps store would be moved.

“At PLAZA consumers find the broadest offering of fashion, food, service and entertainment under one roof that exists in Puerto Rico,” said Franklin Dominic, general manager of the shopping center. “This show is strengthened even more with these openers anticipating the arrival of the Christmas season, which we are confident we can celebrate this year in a big way, with all the joy, rhythm and variety of events we are used to,” he added.

Springfield is located on the first floor, approximately 3,700 square feet, in front of the Sephora store. From there they will offer both casual and contemporary fashion products for men and women. The store is expected to open in early October.

A passion store will also open in the former pashmina store space, on the second floor of the shopping center, opposite Amado Amado Beauty Salon, where pashmina and accessories will be sold.

Meanwhile, on the first floor of the driveway between JCPenney and Macy’s, in an area of ​​approximately 2,500 square feet, the first Tesla showroom in Puerto Rico will open. This will be next to the Galleria shoes and accessories store.

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MCS health plan will also soon open a store in the mall, where they will temporarily operate the second-level corridor between the Central Lobby and JCPenney, in an area of ​​approximately 2,600 square feet. For the next year, MCS is expected to occupy its fixed space of approximately 3,300 square feet on Level One, near the North Source.

Mañanitas Mexican and Smash Burgers will also open. Both are located on the second floor, near the balcony in the central lobby and will share a common area as a dining room.

Manyñitas is a “quick casual dinner” concept of Mexican food. Smash Burgers will offer a showcase of homemade burgers as well as a selection of handcrafted beers.

The shopping center management also announced the relocation of Casa Phipps, which will move to a larger area of ​​about 8,700 square feet, where the Microsoft Store previously operated.

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