CDMX Health – El Financiero

CDMX Health – El Financiero

Despite being one of the mayor’s offices in Mexico City with the highest population density, Gustavo A. Madero, according to an update to the open data of the capital’s Ministry of Health on May 31, recorded only 23 active cases.

The colonies in which these active states are located are, according to open data recorded throughout May, in San Felipe de Jesús III, Casas Alemán (Ampliación) I and Constitución de la República.

With a population of approximately 173,000 351 people, the cut by the authorities indicates that this decline has been gradual over the past three months as, since May 10, Mexico City has been on a yellow traffic light.

The presence of active cases within this delimitation means that out of every 100,000 inhabitants, two cases will be activated.

With this number, the mayor’s office was placed as one of the six least positive in the city, surpassed only by Azcapuzzalco, with no cases; Benito Juarez with six players; Miguel Hidalgo with 12 years old; Magdalena Contreras with 13 cases and Iztacalco with 21 cases.

Nevertheless, the number of former mayors does not exceed half a million, that is, nearly a third of what Gustavo A. Madero owned; In contrast, there are three municipalities that still have a large number of active cases in the nation’s capital: Alvaro Obregón, with 98 cases, Cuauhtemoc with 58, and Tlalpan with 53.

Likewise, active cases involving 16 debit add, according to the report submitted, an estimated 4,878 and hospital occupancy rate of 8 percent.

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