Cecilia Fuentes makes strong statements about her brother Luis de Lanno

Cecilia Fuentes makes strong statements about her brother Luis de Lanno

After March 8th, International Women’s Daysinger Sasha Sokol It has been publicly revealed that producer Luis de Lano abused her, when she was still a minor, and now eyes are once again directed towards Cecilia Fuentes The half-sister of the Mexican producer.

This is because of an interview that Cecilia Fuentes gave journalists Claudia de Icaza and Lupita Martinezwhen he was promoting his book Woman on Paper: Unfinished Memories of Rita Macedo; Where he would reveal more than he wanted.

In an interview he said Cecilia mentioned that the Televisa producer did a lot of unpleasant things to herwhen they were children, and that he always held hatred and rancor against her because he was dearer to her mother, Rita Macedo, than he was.

“Louis has always hated me, because my mother gave me all the love that she never gave me.”So, when I was young, he saw me, grabbed me by the leg and pulled me out the window … He did so many things to me that I wouldn’t say Because I promised him.” The writer commented.

Although the others The things that Louis could have done to Cecilia can only be infant pranks, She confirmed that she will not talk about it anymore because although she and her other sister Julissa both know that things are true, Luis de Lanno categorically denies them, Which raises the question of what kind of things he did to her.

“I promised I wouldn’t say it because he says it’s slander, but Julissa and I don’t know, she knows what I’m talking about,” Cecilia Fuentes commented in the interview conducted last January 2020.

after a complaint Sasha Sokol These were the statements Taken by many internet users, That guarantee that from that moment on, half-sister Louis from Lan I would caution that the product was a sexual predator, from an early age, and in addition that the possible disdain for women may have resulted from a lack of mother’s love.

It should be noted that in addition to these theories, journalist Jorge Carvajal revealed this After Sasha’s statements, he called Cecilia, Who mentioned that? they don’t agree And avoid talking more about it.

On the other hand, his family, Nobody wanted to talk, the only one who answered was Cecilia Fuentes, Sister who does not agree with and When they began to interrogate him, he hung up and did not answer again, Everyone is in the same situation, everyone is worried, “ said the journalist.

Luis de Lanno is the half-brother of Cecilia Fontes

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