Other: Representative Rafael Castillo resigned from the Democratic Liberation Party

Other: Representative Rafael Castillo resigned from the Democratic Liberation Party

Deputy Province of Santo Domingo, Rafael Castilloannounced his irrevocable resignation from the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) after 28 years of political struggle, and because of what the political committee of that organization asserts, “has become a club of rich friends who seek nothing but to protect each other.”

In addition, he maintains that, since the Purple Party is silent and timidly and secretly assumed its role as an opposition party, it appears more an ally of the government than an ally of the people.

He believes that by displaying this assumed situation, the PLD He is doing nothing to become an option for the future, nor to “fix his brand” to return to power in 2024.

The legislator gave a press conference in the Chamber of Deputies, accompanied by Chancellor Walquiria Medina, Central Committee member Ramón de los Santos and other leaders PLD He also informed him of his resignation from that party, along with more than 700 chairpersons of the intermediate committees who expressed their decision to him in the past few days.

Castillo argued that he would be in the process of contemplating his political future and that any decision would be announced later.

He questioned the confused and disorganized role assigned to the House of Representatives bloc PLDwhich are allowed to vote for all kinds of loans or all kinds of trusts, it is alleged, regardless of the consequences that these actions will have on society.

In addition, he specified that with the José Joaquín Bidó Medina Congress he hoped to be PLD However, the three decisions were made in favor of the political committee rather than benefiting from the foundations of that party.

New laws were drafted, he said, and the Central Committee was ratified with the sole purpose of selecting “among quotes” the Political Committee as a way to create a kind of protective shield for itself.

He explained that “since the day the political committee was chosen, the work of the conference has been paralyzed, leaving the renewal of provincial and municipal directorates, intermediate committees and base committees, and abandoning the party base to its fate.” .

He stressed that all these facts that he exposed indicate that a silent and hidden party is not interested in repairing its mark to return to power in 2024.

Representative Castillo announced his resignation letter addressed to the President of the Republic PLDDanilo Medina and Secretary General Charlie Mariotti, who was received on March 14.

In the letter he said that because of his loyalty as a friend, he will always be grateful to those who supported him in the #2 constituency of eastern Santo Domingo and took over his projects during the 28 years of his political life, until he became the most voted deputy of 2020.

He stressed that he will continue to assume his commitment and responsibility as a legislator, and work hard for the benefit of the citizens of the constituency he represents.

In recent months, more than 10 members of Congress have resigned from PLD Most of them became part of the popular force.

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