They assassinated a Cuban to rob his house

They assassinated a Cuban to rob his house

CubitaNOW write ~ Saturday, July 22, 2023

A Cuban national was murdered this week in the eastern province of Guantanamo, according to local journalist Miguel Reyes Mendoza who denounced it on social media.

“Now, it wasn’t his passing, but the cruelty prevailed. Fly high with lots of light for your loved ones,” the reporter wrote this Saturday morning without giving too many details on the case.

The departure of Cuban, who was apparently a well-known photographer in the Guantanamo area, caused a great upheaval in the community.

Some people say that the Cuban was allegedly killed for robbing his house, while lamenting the insecurity in that province.


“Wow, what terrible news. Great man, EPD, I still can’t believe it, my 15 year old photographer, how can I forget that day and that beautiful experience with the best of Guantanamo, what sad news. Guantanamo will be in mourning, one of the biggest mournings that Guantanamo has lost. I wish you the glory,” said one Cuban.

“What a great sadness, the loyal friend I met when I was so young, the responsible brother of my sister-in-law RIP Orlando hurts me, your leaving hurts you so much and so much more in the way you didn’t deserve it. May those responsible for this crime bear the weight of the law.”

“I have no words to express this pain, you know how much I and my family love you and appreciate so much for your help and concern for us. I know that Diosito will put you in the most beautiful place, because it is the place you deserve. You have done good to all of us who have needed you in one way or another. Wherever you are, you will live on in our memory,” said another person.

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Meanwhile, people demand justice from the local authorities as insecurity grips the country.

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