Celta de Vigo released a foreign place to record Orbelín Pineda

Celta de Vigo released a foreign place to record Orbelín Pineda

Orbelín Pineda will arrive in Spain in the early days of January and will be able to score after Celta de Vigo issued the foreign position for the Mexican footballer.

future of Urbelin Pineda It looks like it’s being clarified and will be able to join in Celta Vigo, after the Brazilian Thiago Gallardo obtained the Italian passport and will stop holding a foreign position, a situation that opens the door to the integration of the former player. blue cross.

For several months, “El Maguito” closed his establishment to the Galician team, but places abroad were a problem for his integration into the team and even the possibility of leaving him on loan to another club was dealt with, while Celta Vigo open space in its template; However, this position will not be superfluous.

Sources commented on ESPN who – which Pineda He will arrive on Spanish soil in the early days of January to begin work with his new teammates, on orders from Eduardo Caudet. The Argentine strategist knows very well the qualities of Orbelin, After his stint in Mexican football, he is expected to take her into consideration to play the second half of the season in La Liga.

In the event of closing the establishment Pineda the Celta Vigo He will be the second Mexican in the Galician squad, Nestor Araujo plays for the space for several seasons and will be a great helper in adapting “Orbe” to Spanish football and European life in general, considering that this will be the first experience Orbelin Outside of Mexican football.

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