Challenges of the Ministry of Justice in the era of science and innovation (+ audio)

Challenges of the Ministry of Justice in the era of science and innovation (+ audio)

Havana. As the entity responsible for assisting the state and government in legal matters, and directing relevant legal policies once approved, the Ministry of Justice faces the challenge of advancing the application of science and innovation in all its areas, both structural and addressing.

As one of the pillars of the government that certifies its authority to search for solutions to problems, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermúdez, together with Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, briefed on the current state of the management system for science, technology and innovation in the Ministry of Justice, an already usual meeting with the organs of the central administration For the state, directors, experts, specialists, the academy and members of the technical advisory team of the entities participate.

For the head of the Ministry of Justice, Oscar Silvera Martinez, the main efforts of his entity are today focused on two fronts in search of a more efficient administration in the field of science and innovation: Legislative exercise and computing.

He pointed to lessons learned from recent legislative processes and their planning, as well as to business systems created from computing support.

The Ministry of Justice currently has eleven Doctor of Sciences, a number that is still insufficient; However, as part of its workforce, the entity has one hundred young graduates with golden titles, most of whom are integrated into regional institutions.

The First Secretary of the Party Central Committee insisted on pursuing the young jurists who graduated from our university, identifying their potential so that they can be promoted when they complete their training.

He said that many of these boys can take on responsibilities within the ministry, but also in the country.

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The Ministry of Justice played a leading role in advancing legislative action, with the participation of experts from various sectors.

President Miguel Diaz-Canel added that our laws and legal norms today are born stronger because of the presence of our jurists since they were conceived.

Challenges of the Ministry of Justice in the era of science and innovation

Challenges of the Ministry of Justice in the era of science and innovation

Achieving greater efficiency in population actions that praise quality is a goal that requires an innovation process to shorten time.

In this sense, Silvera Martinez insisted Continuing to strengthen the role of lawyers and specialists in providing direct assistance to the population, and in making procedures and services sustainable, because this is important..

He also indicated the knowledge required by each discipline which, along with computing operations, would accompany a higher quality of services and efficiency.

During the meeting, which was also attended by Deputy Prime Minister Ines Maria Chapman, the Cuban Head of State acknowledged the progress made in the science, technology and innovation management system in the Ministry of Justice, and emphasized the importance of the participation and contribution of various sectors. of various knowledge to continue to progress.

He warned that we have to develop capacities so that there is multidisciplinary and intersectoral overlap, especially with a focus on regions and local development, because there are many legal aspects that must be addressed and strengthened, and that must be developed.

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