Champions League | “The dream final, the tragic final, is Real Madrid against Paris Saint-Germain”: the phrase that sums up today’s Champions League | Total Sports

Champions League |  “The dream final, the tragic final, is Real Madrid against Paris Saint-Germain”: the phrase that sums up today’s Champions League |  Total Sports

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Those led by Ancelotti have the winning magic that has made the Spaniards synonymous with glory. To win, they don't need to be better, more attractive, or more tactically sophisticated. They win even with the third goalkeeper. This combination of force and determinism is forged from Di Stefano And more recently by Cristiano RonaldoIt must be the most important football capital in Europe. City, one of the nouveau riche in these matters, must practice the opposite process: prove, with every match, that Abu Dabi's money is well invested. This time it was not enough: although Guardiola gave the impression of superiority, it did not translate to the scoreboard.

But the semi-finals won't be easy (none of them are). One of the few bands that looks at meringue without complexes is Bayern Munich, which has already lost the Bundesliga and is playing the season in Europe. Tuchel's men showed against Arsenal that they deal well with any scenario: coming out to press, giving the ball away, counter-attacking, whatever. Neuer, De Ligt, Gorezka, Musiala and Kane form a very strong vertical and the team dips and dips depending on the occasion. There is a lot of maturity in those levels, which allows Sane, Kimmich or Gnabry to decide. Arsenal's case was the opposite: with Raya, an insecure goalkeeper, and a young team unaccustomed to Europe, they fell prey to stage fright. Initial efforts were to give in to the Munich trade. Perhaps the final touch of the key sums it up well: With the goalkeeper in the opponent's box and a corner to his advantage, Saka, the Gunners' star, sends the short ball to the near post.

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Possible lineups for Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals.

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The other semi-final has a more obvious candidate, namely… Paris Saint-Germain. Luis Enrique's team settled its classic match against Barcelona at its best. An innocent mistake by Araujo helped upset the balance, but the Catalan team lacked the courage to assume the advantage. Knowing how to defend is also about playing football well, and that is what Xavi failed to do, we believe, by removing Yamal and calling for a resistance drill that his team was not prepared for. The pressure on Cancelo and Kounde was intense on the flanks and the Parisians took advantage of Vitenha's impressive assist. In the next key, the French will have to maintain this level to defeat A Borussia Dortmund Neat, although inferior on paper. The Germans have maximized their potential by building on the personality that Simeone lacked, but they appear to have reached their limit and are one level above their level.

The dream final, the bitter final, is the final between Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain. For Mbappe's future, of course. But the football gods know that in the semi-finals, you also write straight with crooked lines.

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