Brian Roches Fabian Cueto reveals his absence: ‘I never understood the decisions he made’ – Ten

Brian Roches Fabian Cueto reveals his absence: ‘I never understood the decisions he made’ – Ten

Brian Roches break the silence. Honduran striker and Portugal’s national goalscorer He spoke for the first time about his frequent absences in the Honduran national team and explained the versions he made at that time. Fabian Quito Who put on each call a different justification for not being on their list.

to the wreck It revealed about the tour in Europe vs Belarus and Greece He was called up, but his team decided not to abandon him due to an issue COVID-19 He also accepted that during the Gold Cup he said no to DT because he didn’t want to “Second Table Board”, because they put him as a reserve footballer when there were cases of coronavirus, but during the previous small tournaments when he was in Honduras, he was not even called to train or speak with DT.

Precisely at that time, before the Gold Cup, DT confirmed that the striker’s long absence was due to I spoke to Brian and they agreed to do preseason Completely thought about the tie, which the footballer denied, because he was not called in the tie.

“I didn’t understand why I wasn’t summoned, I understood the last of the summoning commands that transformed (vs Costa Rica, Mexico and Jamaica) He is injured, although he has already recovered and at the end of the week I did not play with Nacional due to a technical decision, but I was only told (from Honduras) that I would not be called up for this injury, but they would first ask how I was doing and then tell me ‘well, you don’t come from Yeah that’s the problem, we know how you are”, but hey, it’s decisions I made, I respected them, everyone has their own opinions and decisions, but in that (list) I can understand my absence, in others I don’t think I can understand because I have a fairly regular level What to be able to and with this I do not say that those who were summoned do not have a level, I only say that I deserve it, but I never understood the decisions made by the teacher” to the wreck In an extensive interview with the journalist, Eduardo Solano on Twitter.

Solano asked Roches if he was ever asked about his availability, because Coito didn’t take it into account for the San Pedro Sula scooters when he was on vacation, as well as for the Nations League, Gold Cup and qualifying, but the striker was candid with your answer.

“I don’t know if it was because of resentment (they never called him again) towards the club, but he called me for a match against Greece and the team did not let me go, after that there was a radical change, although in itself I almost did not communicate with him, when he wrote to me, he answered, but communication with him was like two or three times and when I went in Vacation I thought I would at least be called up for training because I saw that foreign players were there in the mini course, so I thought ‘Maybe he’ll call me next time’, but it wasn’t.

He continued: “Then I went to pre-season, the Gold Cup was coming, I was not on the list and something happened that no one knows about; they wrote to me and told me that I was registered as a reserved player because there were players with Covid and I told them that my decision was not available because the pre-season period had I started and if they had called ahead or appeared on the official list, I would speak with the club to put the pre-season aside and join the national team.But I decided to stay and then the other matches came and nothing else.

Then I got injured in a cup match, I went out for four games and they didn’t call me (for the national team) because of the injury, but in focus he spoke to me to ask how I was and that was when I was. He started playing off the bench, then he started, and even then he didn’t call me again and even then, it was the only conversation I had with him. He spoke more with teacher Ariel Bustamante than he did with Fabian Cueto.”

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