Check so far: Sub 15 CDV beat basketball maker Nacional

Check so far: Sub 15 CDV beat basketball maker Nacional

The Redheads beat the Libertad 50 pentathlon at Fortín Prat.

The Sub 15 series of Deportivo Valdivia became the champion of the National Basketball Clubs in this category, a competition held at the legendary Fortín Prat gym in Valparaíso.

In the semi-finals, Valdivian beat Alemán of Puerto Varas and in the final they beat Libertad 50 from Valparaíso. Third place went to Alemán of Puerto Varas, after winning Colegio Los Leones. Other clubs that participated were Lorenzo Pardo, Thomas Lawrence, Espanyol and Villa Alimana Basketball.

The hero squad consisted of young Angelo de Genova, Matias Lermanda, Fernando Maribangi, Benjamin Gomez, Benjamin Lovera, Sebastian Tapia, Martin Ojeda, Cristobal Jaramillo, Vicente Saez, Alfredo Aguilera, Jaime Guzmán. In charge of the team was coach Jonathan Canetti, who was also a member of the secondary divisions of the Valdivian club.

A good victory for this group that is training with the goal of getting as high as possible and, why not, getting to the first team of the current runner-up of the Chilean Basketball Association.

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