AMLO conflicts with his State Department and guarantees that he will send a representative to Ortega’s inauguration

AMLO conflicts with his State Department and guarantees that he will send a representative to Ortega’s inauguration

Mexico’s President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), confirmed at a morning press conference when asked if he would send any official representation for Daniel Ortega’s inauguration on January 10, that “it hasn’t been decided yet” and even he wasn’t aware of when The shot. The Mexican president said it would be “unwise” for his government not to send a representative, and therefore confirmed that it would send a representative.

“Ah, I didn’t know today,” AMLO said, adding, “We’ll see if there is time for him to arrive because we have good relations with everyone, with everyone and we don’t want to be so reckless (…) yes (it would be reckless not to send a representative) Because we cannot set aside our policy of self-determination of peoples and independence.Mexico is a free and sovereign country.

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AMLO appoints his country’s new ambassador to Nicaragua

“But a representative is going, we will see him now,” AMLO concluded, and said the person who would attend the opening would be Ramiro Ayala, head of the Mexican Foreign Ministry in Managua and in charge of the business.

The President of Mexico, when adding who will be the representative who will attend Ortega’s inauguration, has informed that he will appoint a new ambassador to Nicaragua.

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“I will say that at once, he is responsible for business, because we do not have an ambassador, but we will ask the approval of the Nicaraguan government because Guillermo Zamora, by the way, will be an ambassador to Nicaragua.”

On June 27, 2021, Mexico and Argentina recalled their ambassadors to Nicaragua to travel to their countries to answer questions about the actions of the Ortega regime against the opposition since the imprisonment of presidential candidates and political activists.

The Mexican ambassador to Nicaragua who was called for consultation was Gustavo Alonso Cabrera Rodriguez. In response, on August 9, 2021, the Ortega regime called for consultations with its ambassadors in Costa Rica, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia, according to the vice-president-designate, Rosario Murillo..

“The Government of Nicaragua has observed with earnestness, maturity, and with great patience the persistent and undeserved accusations of disrespect, interference, interference and interference in our internal affairs by the highest authorities of these countries, on issues that concern us only. People and government, as well as ironically and unscrupulously point out attitudes they are trying to ignore that are detrimental to human rights in their countries,” said Murillo.

The regime’s ambassador to Mexico was Juan Carlos Gutierrez Madrigal.


AMLO’s comments contrast with those of that country’s foreign ministry on Sunday night. Mexico’s foreign ministry said first that the person to arrive in the country would be Martin Borrego Llorente, director general for South America at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), a representative of low diplomatic rank and not the foreign minister as Rosario announced for Murillo. However, the Chancellery later confirmed that he would not come.

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“No official will attend Daniel Ortega’s inauguration,” the Mexican foreign ministry told the media. According to official information, this is due to the meeting of ambassadors and consuls, which will be held in 2022.

This information was also confirmed by the head of the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Daniel Milan, via his Twitter account. “It is not scheduled to send a delegation or a representative of the SRE to protest in Nicaragua,” he said.

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