Cheddy García says putting Johnny Ventura in Fuerza del Pueblo’s house taints the artist’s name

Cheddy García says putting Johnny Ventura in Fuerza del Pueblo’s house taints the artist’s name

Actress and comedian Cheddy García said putting Johnny Ventura in Fuerza del Pueblo’s office smears the late artist’s name “for a political pamphlet” and if it was the family they wouldn’t accept it.

The Mother of Humor said she understood that this party was the political home of the Meringue legend,But he is no longer responsible or involved in the events at the political level that occur in that political leadership, where he always dances because his name is there.”

The artist said it was a good idea for her to call a museum, street or station “The Big Horse” because it’s all about art and culture.

Do not smear it with your name in a political pamphlet, I refuse and resist, the name of an artist and his art is sacred and must be taken care of.This is the honor he leaves us, and the honor a great horse has,” Garcia wrote on his Instagram account.

Honestly, if I were your family, I wouldn’t accept this capsuleChedi finished saying.

It was announced yesterday that the Fuerza del Pueblo party office, located on Benito Monción Street in Gascue, which was hitherto known as Casa del Pueblo, will henceforth be called Casa del Pueblo Johnny Ventura.

The decision was made by the political leadership of the opposition party and the popular artist’s colleagues in the political leadership led by former President Lionel Fernandez.

“On the recommendation of the Fuerza del Pueblo’s president and leader, Comrade Leonel Fernandez, unanimously approved by our Political Directorate, a permanent commission has been formed to honor Johnny Ventura with various cultural and political works,” Omar Leriano explained at a press conference. .

Johnny Ventura died on Wednesday, July 28 of a heart attack.

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