Cheeks reveals she had an abortion at the age of 19

Cheeks reveals she had an abortion at the age of 19

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Since he was released Chiquis and Chill podcastsinger Chiquis Rivera’s photo He has established a very open connection with his thousands of followers, revealing aspects of his life that no one knew about. In the latest broadcast of the show “I’m Latin and I’m Freezing My Egg”, the eldest daughter Jenny Rivera admitted that she was pregnant at 19 years old.

The seminar was attended by fertility doctor Shaheen Ghadeer. “At nineteen I got pregnant. I never told anyone, I was afraid, and didn’t go to the doctor either. I knew I was pregnant, but I didn’t know how to tell my mother. I don’t know if it was because of stress, but I started bleeding, and apparently I had a leak (…) After six months I went to the doctor, they did a control test and told me they had to sedate her to clean my uterus.”

The 36-year-old singer also revealed that two years ago she suffered terrible pain that forced her to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night, at which point a cyst was discovered on one of her ovaries. “At that time I was also diagnosed with endometriosis and I thought I was suffering from this disease as a result of the loss I had at the age of 19,” he explained.

Regarding the decisions she makes to become a mother, the singer said that she announced two years ago that she would freeze her eggs, but she has not yet done so.

“When I started talking about this issue, I felt pressure from the media, they said ‘She can’t have children, she’s bankrupt.’ Now I think that was my decision, because I wasn’t ready to have children and this is a way to take the pressure off. I also wondered if I was By this I will go against the will of God, and now I believe that this is my body, my decision and no one can decide for me, and that God is ok with that.”

shakes She stated that she regrets not having frozen her eggs earlier, but is determined to. “My egg count was very low when I took the test a long time ago. I’m afraid it is now less, and likely will be,” he said, after indicating that he would try to conceive naturally with his current partner, Emilio Sanchez, but that he would freeze his eggs to get on plan b.

Or an alternative?

during broadcast the programThe singer admitted that another reason behind her decision to freeze her eggs was to have more possibilities in case she had to turn to a surrogate, or if her brother Johnny wanted in the future to have children with his partner and needed the eggs.

“I know it sounds strange, but my sister (…) it’s good to have a plan B (…) I don’t want to regret it later because I didn’t (…) The doctor told me I should freeze my eggs soon” .

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