Chicharito, Angelique Boyer and Rowley: This is how they vacationed together

Chicharito, Angelique Boyer and Rowley: This is how they vacationed together

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Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez Take advantage of vacations for vacations in Visit Mexico and enjoy some the days of comfortthe On the beaches of Baja California SurWhere did he go with the actor? Sebastien Rulli And the famous actress Angelique Boyer.

an item Los Angeles Galaxy He was seen with the artists in many photos and recordings that were shared on various social networking sites, where it was detailed that they were among the residents. All Saints.

Sebastien Rulli He was responsible for posting on his Instagram account Picture next to CH14 And two of the Companions in which he added the text “The Wonderful Four! Who is he?” Accompanied by the hashtags #friends #amigos #quebonitoeslobonito.

On the other hand, the player football League Share with his millions of followers on the same social network a picture in which he is most prominent How happy I was to see new places. He wrote, “How lucky it is to be able to enjoy new flavours, see new places and enjoy how wonderful life can be.”

It should be noted that the last of them accompanied them Chicharito He was a “life coach”, Diego DreyfusAnd who maintains a great friendship with the Mexican footballer and it is very common to see him in the places where Hernandez goes.

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