Chihuahuan goes to Tesla boarding school

Chihuahuan goes to Tesla boarding school

Francisco Cordova/El Diario

Wednesday, May 10, 2023 | 07:30

Chihuahua. – Ricardo Islas, a Chihuahua student in electronic engineering at Itesm, will conduct his apprenticeship for the multinational company and technology leadership, Tesla, in San Francisco, California, after the young man persevered in sending applications and getting an interview he was in. Considered suitable for development in this company. For Islas, this is a great challenge as part of his professional development, as he expressed, but it was difficult for him to achieve, and he stressed the need to look for opportunities and not be defeated by rejection.

At the senior level, Ricardo will work in SCADA at Tesla’s massive factory in Palo Alto, performing tasks related to control systems and cybersecurity. This training will last six months and will start in September, giving the student the opportunity to progress in their studies.

This is because despite applying for a summer procedure and not being selected since last year and even in 2023, due to his skills which he demonstrated in an interview conducted entirely in English, he was given the opportunity to be offered a place for the autumn season.

“I am glad that they invited me not only in the fall semester, but also in the winter. Six months with the opportunity to stay and work,” he explained, however, noting that he still had to finish his studies at the Tecnológico de Monterrey to be able to look forward to a job Full time, which inspires him to continue training and also learn from your apprenticeship experience in a world-renowned company.

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Before entering Tesla, the student will first be in San Diego during the summer at Qualcomm, which is also a multinational company that specializes in wireless technology such as semiconductors. He said this is thanks to the opportunities he pursued on his own and also thanks to his good command of the English language, which also opens doors to international industries.

That’s why Islas has dedicated a message for young students to pursue their dreams and seek opportunities despite rejection. “Now we have to look for opportunities, a lot of people helped me get here and yet I struggled. Since last year I applied and there are several times they really refused me, they didn’t give me an interview, I even applied in Mexico many places and they never spoke to me once “Others. So don’t give up, keep trying. The more projects they do outside of academics and related to their career, it always helps them a lot,” he stressed.

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