Unexpected crush in Formula 1?: In the aftermath of the encounter between Tom Cruise and Shakira

Unexpected crush in Formula 1?: In the aftermath of the encounter between Tom Cruise and Shakira
Tom Cruise is ‘very interested in chasing after’ Shakira, according to anonymous sources. Photo: AFP

After he ended his relationship with Gerard Pique, Shakira made the decision to move to Miami with her parents and two children.. Although it was announced that there were problems with the installation by termite problemsThe singer has quietly taken the step and taken the opportunity to go out and have fun.

on April 7th Shakira was caught at the Formula 1 Grand Prix held in the capital of Florida, where the Red Bull pilot, Max Verstappen, in first place. However, the eyes of show business turned to Shakira’s presence She was seen with her children and none other than Tom Cruise.

The pictures could be about two friends chatting on a hot, but handsome Sunday afternoon Page six Confirmed that the protagonist The bestHe is very interested in following herAccording to sources close to the actor. Cruz’s interest could have gotten to this point I was going to send flowers to a translator The hips don’t lie.

The Colombian attended the Formula 1GP race held in Florida, where, in addition to Tom Cruise, she was with her two children Milan and Sasha

Sources indicate that Shakira “You need a soft pillow to fall on, and that might be Tom.This source was responsible for “beautifying” Tom Cruise’s character, ensuring he had everything to win him over by being attractive, talented, and “taller than her.” Oddly enough, the source emphasizes this aspect, because for a long time, Cruise was considered an actor. Too short”, and this is from his relationship with Nicole Kidman, whose height is 1 meter 80 centimeters.

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on the contrary, Shakira is 1.57m tall and Tom Cruise is 1.70m tallthey can make a very attractive couple.

Since his divorce from Kathy Holmes in 2012Cruz’s love life was based on rumors. Cynthia George, Abby Lee, Yolanda Pecoraro, Olga Kurylenko, Laura Prepon, Hayley AtwellThey’ve been referred to as couples to the actor in recent years, however, and it seems like no relationship is able to blossom (maybe they haven’t even started).

For its part, date Shakira and Pique It has been mentioned over and over again in all media. Singer and football player They have been together for 12 years until 2022 When the former Barcelona defender cheated on Shakira Clara Shea Marty.

Since the relationship ended, Shakira has been linked to all kinds of personalities. First came rumors an affair with a surf instructor; Soon after, his close relationship Alejandro Sainz has turned up the entertainment alarms Now, if what the anonymous source said is true, Tom Cruise will be the most “solid” suitor of the Colombian.

Alejandro Sainz was another celebrity Shakira linked up with after her split from Gerard Pique / Photo @shakira

Shakira’s time at the Grand Prix is ​​not over with rumors Tom Cruise. After the event, he is seen dining with another person Mercedes-Benz driver Lewis Hamilton. Music and speed numbers did not appear alone, as they were accompanied by many friends, however, it was enough that rumors of another possible relationship between Shakira and Hamilton spread in the networks.

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton had dinner together in Miami with their relatives after the Formula 1 Grand Prix

Another topic that caused a lot of controversy in the networks is the age difference between Shakira and Tom Cruise. Shakira is 46 years old, while Cruz is 60, with a difference of 14 years. Added to this is the children’s theme. Cruise has two children with Nicole Kidman. Bella and Connor, they are 30 and 28 years old, respectively. Years later, I would Girl with Katie HolmesSuri who has it now 17 years.

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for his part, Shakira He has only two children from his relationship with Pique: Milan and Sasha, ages 9 and 11.

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