China calls for respect for its “interests” and criticizes sanctions on Russia

China calls for respect for its “interests” and criticizes sanctions on Russia

China today called for its “legitimate interests” to be respected and reiterated its “firm” opposition to any kind of “unilateral sanction” against Russia.

“Beijing and Moscow conduct business cooperation as usual, on the basis of mutual respect and equality. We urge all parties concerned not to harm China’s legitimate interests as we handle the situation in Ukraine and our relations with Russia,” he said. Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Wang Wenpin told a news conference on Wednesday.

When asked if China would continue to buy Russian gas despite sanctions imposed by the West, Wang said the Asian country was “firmly” opposed to “any unilateral sanctions” and that “they were never an effective way”. To solve problems “.

Guo Shuqing, chairman of the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC), the central bank’s No. 2 income earner, said China would continue to trade at the economic, financial and business levels and that China would not participate in sanctions. “With all parties,” local newspapers reported.

Wang said China would continue to play a “constructive” role in mitigating expansion in Ukraine after the Russian invasion, and Chinese officials avoided using the term.

The spokesman also said that the Chinese embassy and ministry in Ukraine were taking “many steps” to help their fellow citizens leave Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dimitrov Kuleba last night assured his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi that his country was ready to continue talks with Russia and that he hoped “China’s mediation” would reach a “ceasefire”.

China has maintained an ambiguous stance on the conflict in Ukraine, insisting that it “respects the territorial integrity of all nations” and pays attention to Russia’s “legitimate security demands.”

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The Asian nation did not vote on a resolution condemning Russia at the United Nations last Friday, and opposed sanctions because it considers it “not going to solve problems, but to create new ones.”

On February 4, the Russian and Chinese presidents, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, announced after meeting in Beijing that bilateral relations were entering a “new era” and underscored the good relations between Russia and China.

According to Beijing, its relationship with Moscow is a “strategic partner” but does not include “alliance or conflict” or “other countries’ points”.

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