China ends quarantine for arrivals from abroad and all other restrictive measures for COVID-19 from January 8

(CNN) – China It will scrap the requirement to quarantine all passengers arriving from outside its borders and will scrap all other restrictive measures against COVID-19, including quarantining patients who test positive, tracing close contact or designating staging areas. The risks, effective January 8, 2023, Monday are higher healthy body out.

“With the approval of the State Council, specific outbreak prevention measures for Class A infectious diseases required by law will cease to apply to the coronavirus from January 8, 2023,” the National Health Commission (CNS) said in a statement.

“Covid infection will no longer be included in the list of quarantined communicable diseases regulated by China’s Border Quarantine Law,” it added.

This means that January 8, 2023 will mark the official end of the quarantine policy for all international arrivals in China, which was first put in place in 2020. Travelers will have to obtain negative PCR test results within 48 hours. After that, there will be no more quarantines, health codes, or flight restrictions.

Currently, people arriving from outside China and Macau must spend five days in hotel quarantine and three days in self-isolation at home.

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