China launches a prototype of a robot to collect space waste in space

China launches a prototype of a robot to collect space waste in space

The company China Origin space, Dedicated to space mining, launched this Tuesday in low Earth orbit A. Robot Prototype NEO01Which, with a large net, can trap space debris left by other ships.

“The NEO01It will also go into deep space to observe small celestial bodies. “

The 30-kilogram robot he developed Origin spaceThis paves the way for future technologies capable of performing asteroid mining tasks, according to the company.

Since the creation of the world’s first asteroid mining company, Planetary Resources in 2009, more than a dozen companies from around the world have entered the sector, including Three-dimensional Systems from status united s astral Japan.

Unlike the Astroscale technology that uses magnets to collect space waste, NEO01 Using an electric propulsion system to capture debris and then incinerate it, according to a report on the company’s website.

Origin space In an interview with national media on April 6, company founder Su Meng said the company plans to launch dozens of space telescopes and more spacecraft to achieve the first commercial asteroid extraction before 2045. Beijing has big space ambitions, aiming to emulate Russia and the United States and transform China Into a great space power by 2030.

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