Chivas: Directing will penalize several players after losing to FC Juarez

Chivas: Directing will penalize several players after losing to FC Juarez

According to the information revealed by Medio Tempo after the defeat he suffered Juarez, instructions Chivas Ríadas de Guadalajara, He ended up extremely upset with many of the team’s players led by Victor Manuel Vucetich And they got a heavy scolding in the locker room after the match.

As detailed in the information, in Chivas’ senior leadership, they believe Vucetich was a victim of the bad attitude that players display in games and believe that an important one would make them change, in light of the match against Leon.

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Along these lines, in Guadalajara they think the ideal would be to punish many players who consider themselves indisputable to Vucetich, but have shown a very bad position on the field and think leaving them out of the starting line-up against La Fiera would be perfect because they know so little.

The players mentioned will be Miguel Ponce, Uriel Antona and “Tiba” Sepulveda, who, especially the last one of them, suffered numerous fouls costing goals against the braves and then the match, with some chefs who were largely seen in the attack.

That is why, after the leadership rebukes, in Chivas, there will likely be changes in the team to measure themselves against Mexican soccer champion Lyon, especially thinking about changing dynamics and that they can score points and get little by little to the Liguilla area.

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