Chivas extends winning streak despite Braves' reaction

Chivas extends winning streak despite Braves' reaction

El Rebano signed their fourth win with goals from Briseno and Guzmán. Sepúlveda was sent off and Zaldivar scored a penalty.

Sivas After adding his third consecutive win, his fans are starting to get excited 2024 ends (taking Concacaf into account in the fourth), after scoring Juarez's Braveswith goals Antonio Briseno And the captain Victor Guzman, who scored his third goal of the tournament and is one goal behind Pachuca's Salomon Rondon. For its part, the border team continues to struggle without a win in its sixth game.

A winning streak, again. That's the strategist's formula SivasFernando Cago, about the starting eleven he used against Juarez's BravesAfter defeating Atlético de San Luis earlier in the day 2024 ends.

He faced losses to Fernando Cago, Gilberto Sepulveda, Jose Juan Macias, Carlos Cisneros and Javier Hernandez. Liga MX And as he gets his fourth win his formula starts to come into play.

Both the teams started the game without dangerous plays. It lasted for 24 minutes Sivas The first chance was created in the hands of Roberto Alvarado, who controlled the ball and took over the defense. Brave people And on the edge of the area he sent the ball wide of Sebastian Jurado's right post.

The set piece was the key Sivas He opened the scoreboard. In 33' Rebano took a corner kick briseno 'chicken' He got into the heart of the area to finish unmarked and send the ball into the back of the goal. The defender scored his first goal 2024 ends.

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In the first half total, Brave people He came close to equalizing with a powerful shot from Dieter Villalfando.

In the 76th minute, 'Bocho' made a play in which he filtered the ball towards reinforcements. Kate CowellEarly on Sebastian Jurado hit the rebound and Flock's number five scored in front of the goal at the time.

Victor Guzman He ran towards the corner kick to celebrate his third score of the match in cowboy style Kate Cowell.

Sivas They were a man down in the 88th minute, with Leonardo Sepulveda sent off for serious play in his first game in the First Division after a VAR review. Despite his mistake, the Rebanau youth player was comforted by his teammates and coaching staff on his way to the locker room.

Things started to go against it Sivas. In extra time, Yael Padilla committed a foul inside the area, which led to a new VAR review and was approved with a yellow card.

And after signaling the maximum penalty, the ex-law came to Akron Stadium. Youth team SivasAngel Saldivar scored from eleven steps into the center of the goal to make it 2-1.

It wasn't until the 100th minute that referee Vicente Reynoso blew his whistle to end the match. Sivas And Juarez's Braves.

After victory Sivas, with no other matches, the red and white rose to fourth place with eleven points. On the other hand, Juarez's Braves It goes to the bottom of the table with two points.

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function for Sivas Continues without rest. Guadalajara will prepare for the CONCACAF Champions Cup first round second leg against Forge FC. The overall score favors the Herd 3-1.

On the seventh day, Sivas The arrival of Mazatlán next Friday, at the same time, the Juarez's Braves They will host Puebla the next day.

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