Chivas Startup Profit Plan by Alexis Vega

Chivas Startup Profit Plan by Alexis Vega

The rojiblanco striker has yet to sign a contract extension and this will leave Amaury Vergara empty-handed, after all they have invested in the footballer.

Alexis Vega leaves Chivas
© picture 7Alexis Vega leaves Chivas

The outlook is still complex to lead The Chivas de Guadalajara who is waiting for what might happen with Alexis Vega, who still has not renewed his contract and is expected to hold a final meeting with the senior leadership to see if they can reach A good outlet to restore the final tournament 2022.

The attacker of the Holy Herd stated on several occasions Who wants to stay in the institution, But the fact is that his agreements were not given to sign, Which the guidance plans to put in an emergency so as not to leave empty-handed before the imminent departure of the best offensive reference.

According to information from communicator Gabriel Tamayo in Ledres del Ripano, The leadership of Chivas does not exclude the possibility of putting pressure on the company that represents Alexis Vega, The Bitz group, which also has Many rojiblancos items among them, Alexis Gutiérrez, Sebastián Martínez, Jesús Angulo, For example, but not limited.

“He will pressure the actor not to leave for free, telling him ‘There will be no salary increase for your players.’ We will not re-sign players. This happened with Orlegi in the case of Santiago Muñoz who was to leave for free and an agreement was made so that Newcastle He will pay a part, which sometimes it is not the club that pays, but the player himself. Today Peláez is moving, trying to give him (Vega) all the facilities, and whoever manages the employment of Alexis Vega will have to bear the salary”, It was part of what the journalist explained.

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What clubs are interested in Alexis Vega?

Looking to close Clausura 2022, Vega knows that once summer starts, he’ll be able to get started To listen to the offers of other clubs as stipulated in the FIFA regulations, since their agreement expired in December of this year. Rayados de Monterrey has already put a millionaire bid on the table, in addition to Eindhoven and Porto, They are the European teams that have shown interest in Gru’s services, which still have two months to go before a final decision is made.

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