“It’s a decision by the UJC,” said the former alma mater director of his dismissal

“It’s a decision by the UJC,” said the former alma mater director of his dismissal

at recent days Armando Franco Senin sacked from him location towards magazine University alma mater It was the news that sparked controversy In Cuban social networks. Internet users are wondering about the possible reason this time for the dismissal of a young manager with remarkable achievements in his work.

“What happened is written in the journal’s summary note,” Franco Senin explained to DIARIO DE CUBA.

“It is the organization’s decision ( Communist Youth Union) to which it belongs alma mater. Other than that, I don’t have much to talk about. You will understand that there is the heat of the moment and that there is an open process around that. “We are in delivery and such and at this time I can’t tell you anything else,” he added.

Regarding the possibility of appealing the decision of the official organization, Franco Sini said, “It is not an option that I am now evaluating.”

Among the official media alma mater It enjoyed special visibility compared to other official newspapers or magazines. This is possible As a publication, she was bold in dealing with issues not covered by the Cuban state press. The magazine’s last boom was under the direction of Franco Senin.

alma mater Not only has he grown his audience of all ages and ideologies, but his work has been awarded in national press competitions. Despite being the island’s oldest university magazine, founded by communist leader Julio Antonio Mella in November 1922, it has managed to adapt to the new era of multimedia and the digitization of journalism.

In 2021, the July 26 Official Journalism Competition, organized by the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC), awarded this publication a Reportage Award in the Hypermedia category for the series. online shoppingBy journalists Patricia Hernandez Acevedo and Liant Gomez Abraham.

He also won the Caricature, Animation and Illustration Award in the Graphic Press category for the illustration “Draw the Conquest Pattern” by Alejando Sosa Martinez, and an Infographic Award in the Television category. In addition, the team at the same award received mentions in other forms of journalism.

“in the last year alma mater He began releasing the files he posted regarding the events of 11Jwrote to Armando Franco, the publishing director, that he should enjoy what he was doing to the fullest while he was on vacation, because Sometime the bell rings and it squeaksThe journalist warned. Joaquin Borges Triana In their social networks after knowing the class.

“My 36 years in journalism have made me repeatedly watch stories like the one that now motivate multiple comments on the networks. Suppose yes, that Armandito was wrong about something and that he should be released for those mistakes. In this case, This confirms that in the practice of journalism in a society like Cuban, there is no margin for error. A doctor can make a mistake and a person can die from it, but this may not appear. In the press this is not the case. We must add to this assumption that the greatest enemy of a project like that which is being built in this country is not siege or capitalism, but reality itself.Borges Triana has been added.

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The official newspaper reported that Franco Senin was sacked on Tuesday, in a very brief memo in which it did not even name who would replace him.

More than 1,000 people responded to the post, with the majority of over 870 comments expressing disgust with the decision.

Armando Franco Senin was appointed director of the magazine in December 2019, three years after graduating from the Bachelor of Journalism at the University of Havana.

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