Chivas transfer | Carlos Acevedo approaches the goal: football

Chivas transfer |  Carlos Acevedo approaches the goal: football

Without specifying the future of the team seats, Chivas de Guadalajara Already working the next day End of 2021. Michelle Leno He is in the beginning of the road and the board of directors has already started talks with several candidates to take over the technical direction of the upcoming tournament, however, there will already be a reinforcement in the hall before the arrival of the new coach.

According to the information published by Record newspaper, Carlos Acevedo is the one identified as the first reinforcements the herd will make in the next transfer period. Always and according to this same information, no one Raul Godinho, ne Jose Antonio Rodriguez, they convinced the managers to establish themselves as the owners of the rojiblancos target.

Hence, the current Santos Laguna goalkeeper is the prime candidate to take charge of Chivas Target Stores. According to Transfermarkt, a player rating portal, Acevedo costs $4.5 million, which is a number Akron is willing to pay.

Acevedo is my favorite of the board (Imago 7)

And despite the fact that Gudiño has won the title in recent games thanks to good performances – and Toño’s injury – the truth is that he Victor Manuel Vucic, So far, Lieno himself hasn’t been clear about who could take responsibility for the goal at Rojiblancos.

Weeks ago there was talk of a possible arrival Andres Godinho For the upcoming Clausura Cup 2021. However, the third goalkeeper blue cross It also raises doubts and will play a secondary role as it has not yet established itself in the top circuit and hence Acevedo is on top of the cornering to be the first Chivas for the next few years.

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