In the United States, the Israeli foreign minister reiterated his concern about the Iranian “nuclear race”.

In the United States, the Israeli foreign minister reiterated his concern about the Iranian “nuclear race”.
Yair Lapid meets with US Vice President Kamala Harris (Photo: Reuters)

foreign Minister IsraelAnd Yair Lapid, began a journey to United State This Tuesday, whose first stop was a meeting with the US National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, who addressed concerns about the nuclear activities of Iran.

The head of Israeli diplomacy has participated, in this regard, “Israel’s concerns about Iran’s race toward nuclear capabilities, as well as about Iran becoming a nuclear threshold state”As indicated by the Minister’s office in a statement Friday Times of Israel.

He also took Lapid and Sullivan “The Need for a Plan B to the Nuclear Deal”., as well as rehabilitation Gaza strip, After the last escalation of tensions recorded in May.

Jake Sullivan, on file (Photo: EFE)
Jake Sullivan, on file (Photo: EFE)

Lapid, in which First official visit to the country after taking office, he is scheduled to meet with the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkand already had a meeting with the Vice President, Kamala Harris.

Lapid is in the United States for three days, during which he will meet with the leaders of the American Jewish community and the UAE foreign minister. Abdullah bin Zayed, according to the newspaper Times of Israel.

On Saturday, the State Department indicated that Blinken would meet Wednesday with Lapid and Bin Zayed in separate meetings and then in a tripartite meeting.

Lapid’s trip to the United States comes nearly two weeks after he became Israel’s prime minister the two seasAfter the normalization of bilateral diplomatic relations in 2020 in the framework of Abraham’s Agreements.

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The agreement between Israel and Bahrain to normalize relations came after the Israeli government signed a similar agreement with the UAE. Subsequently, they were joined by Sudan and Morocco.

Lapid himself recently traveled to the United Arab Emirates to open the Israeli embassy and consulate in that countryHe then visited Morocco to strengthen bilateral relations, a trip during which he also inaugurated the Israeli diplomatic mission in the African country in Rabat.

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