‘Chucky’ loses Lozano Gold Cup, returns to Italy for rehab

‘Chucky’ loses Lozano Gold Cup, returns to Italy for rehab

The player will need a follow-up neurological assessment and experts estimate a recovery time of four to six weeks

‘Chucky’ worships Lozano After an amazing kick with the Trinidad Y Tobago goalkeeper, he practically dropped out of the Gold Cup, which would put him out for four to six weeks. The Mexican national team striker will stay in the United States for further tests, however He may return to Italy as soon as he qualifies for the trip and the latest tests confirm the diagnoses made so far.

“According to research, at this time, experts have estimated a recovery time of four to six weeks,” the Mexican National Committee said in a statement.

‘Chuckie’ Lozano admitted to hospital last night after being knocked out in a match between Trinidad and Tobago, Because he reported a bloody face and chest pain. The footballer underwent several medical tests and was discharged in the morning. Due to the cut, he had to go for plastic surgery.

“After the trauma he suffered during the Mexico vs Trinidad & Tobago game, Harving Lozano was taken to hospital where he was treated and subjected to various medical examinations after a severe blow to the neck and high extension,” the statement said.

“The striker was repaired by a plastic surgeon in his left eyebrow, and after positive results of the tests, the player is already recovering at the hotel. However, a follow-up neurological assessment will be required,” it added.

Lozano is already at the Mexican National Team Concentration Hotel. Napoli striker Gerardo ‘Tata’ is Martino’s best triangular player, but failed to finish even the first half of Mexico’s first match in the Gold Cup.

“He will undergo some more tests, reject any sequel, and return with his team as he travels,” a source close to the media said.

The tests he has done so far have yielded positive results for the footballer, however he is still under surveillance and waiting for more tests. The Napoli, Italy has been monitoring the condition of the Mexican player, which is in contact with the doctors of the Mexican national team.

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