They reported clashes, barricades and burning vehicles in Buenavista, Michoacan

They reported clashes, barricades and burning vehicles in Buenavista, Michoacan

Michoacan: Members of self-defense groups and armed groups from various communities have already stormed Mayor of Buenavista MichoacanTo locate and rescue the family of Tepalcatepec who disappeared this afternoon.

This afternoon, the authorities and residents of Tepalcatepec reported the disappearance of the farmer and founder of the community, Miguel Angel Gutierrez “Alkero” And his family.

It was El Kiro’s last contact with people close to him, and he warned them not to chase after him by a truck with armed men from New generation Jalisco cartel.

The above, while circulating at the height of the Buenavista municipal seat, where residents and self-defense groups blamed the head of the CJNG, Santiago Quintero Magalon “El Magoy”).

Self-defense groups in various municipalities and armed groups had warned that if El Kero and his family were not released, they would go and look for them at any cost.

An hour later, armed civil struggle stormed the municipal seat, with the support of groups from other municipalities and even the communities of Buenavista.

Upon entering, the self-defense groups were fired upon by the criminal cell of CJNG and since then various clashes have erupted.

Sieges and burning of vehicles have also been reported in the area Highway Apatzingán-Tepalcatepec.

At this time, the shooting continues in Buenavista, without knowing the balance in this besieged municipal bench.


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