City Health Services Directory | News | The city of Buenos Aires

City Health Services Directory |  News |  The city of Buenos Aires

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We offer you the Buenos Aires City Health Guide so that you can consult about the health services available to you and your family. The aim of this guide is to ensure access to the health system for the population, and for this we provide practical, clear and accurate information about our services.

The city’s health system consists of an integrated network of care services at various levels, primary care, general hospitals and specialized hospitals, and serves from a multicultural and gender perspective. Therefore, in this guide, you will find information about the different services that make up this network, in addition to the various health promotion services, which aim to promote the overall health of the population.

In the guide, you will also be able to consult the addresses and phones of hospitals and health centers in the city, and the ways to reach them. You will be able to search for your major, know where to join, and how to get a shift. Among other relevant information, you will find useful phone numbers, emergency services, information on comprehensive women’s centers, information on health care centers by communes, and other reference data.

We consider it essential that you and your family have information about the resources in this guide, in order to make use of them effectively, and to ensure a better quality of healthcare.

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