Claude Joseph’s last warnings and epithets against the Dominicans and President Abenader

Claude Joseph’s last warnings and epithets against the Dominicans and President Abenader

The former interim minister of Haiti, Claude Joseph, who was prevented by President Louis Abenader from entering the Dominican Republic, He is not a friend of this country or its authorities This year he issued warnings and titles against the Dominicans.

The dismissed official described the Dominicans as racist and anti-Haitian, and He described President Abhinadi as hypocrisys. His last warning was on August 31 last, that in his government, Haiti will not be the “yard” of the Dominican Republic.

Brief description of Joseph’s recent statements against the homeland of Juan Pablo Duarte, Francisco del Rosario Sánchez and Matías, Ramon Mella.

On August 31, talk about fear

Claude said that if he became president of Haiti, the “racists and the far right” in the Dominican Republic, which he described as dominant and dominant, would have reason to be afraid, because if he became president, then Haiti would not be. “Backyard” from the Dominican Republic.

Joseph said that his Twitter account is the medium in which he expresses his feelings for this country, and we quote: “The racists and the extreme right of the DRC, who are motivated by a dominant and dominant will, are right to fear,” “With me, Haiti will not be their backyard.. They know it well.” He added, “I’m speaking from my experience.”

The August 25 He did not talk about the Dominicans but called for mobilization in Haiti

Former Prime Minister Claude Joseph, He called for general mobilization In that nation against the first Minister Ariel HenryWhich he criticized for not taking action against armed gangs, crimes and kidnappings in that nation.

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With regard to armed gangs, the Dominican president, in addition to Claude Joseph, banned 12 gang leaders from entering this area: Jimmy Scherezer better known as BBQ. Innocent Vitel’Homme, better known as Vitelom – Gang Vitelom (Torcelle); Destina Rennell aka Tlable – Grand Raven Gang; Wilson Joseph better known as Lanmo San Jou, of the 400 Mawozo gang.

In addition to Claudie Celestine better known as Chen Mechan- Gang Chen Mechan (Carrefour-Tabarre); Alexander Ezequiel, better known as Zee Paz Pilate; Kempes Sanon Buzz Bel Air; Chery Christ-Roi, better known as Chris-La; Felix Monel aka Meccano – Buzz Wave Jeremy; Jean-Pierre Gabriel aka T Gabriel – Ghabib; Alexis Serge Renel aka Ti Junior and Orlichen Emile aka Pe Lebren- Baz Delmas.

On June 11, Claude Joseph described the Dominican government’s rejection of the regulatory agreement as “hypocrisy”.

Joseph President Luis Abenader described him as a “hypocritical”. Having stated that the Dominican Republic did not agree to regularize the status of immigrants from the neighboring country during meetings Ninth Summit of the Americas.

According to Joseph, the Dominican head of state is using Haiti as a leader A pawn to advance their political agenda.

The former Haitian official added in a tweet: “This is a man who does not keep his promise domestically on many issues, but believes he can use Haiti as a last resort to appease his country’s ultra-nationalists and win votes.” .

May 25, Claude Joseph on migration processes: “Systematic racism and anti-Haitians in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are unacceptable”

He referred to the immigration operations carried out by the Dominican authorities in Ciudad Juan Bosch, which he described as “violations” of human rights against some of its citizens.

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Similarly, Joseph, via a message posted on his Twitter account, urged the international authorities to give him Follow-ups to these raids, Where hundreds of Haitian citizens were deported.

“The international community must closely monitor the numerous cases of human rights violations against Haitians in (Ciudad) Juan Bosch, Dominican Republic. Systematic racism and anti-Haitians in the Dominican Republic are unacceptable.

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