Close the competition for the PPD presidency – Metro Puerto Rico

Close the competition for the PPD presidency – Metro Puerto Rico

With only 183 schools out of 236 surveyed, the People’s Democratic Party On Sunday (PPD) announced the preliminary results of the community’s special election, which reflect the closing competition.

According to the data of the party, Jesus Manuel Ortiz She has 21,180 votes for 46.89%. for his part, Luis Javier Hernandez Ortiz She has 20,149 votes which reflects 44.61%, followed by Carmen Maldonado with 3,840 votes for 8.50%.

At the moment, only 45,169 votes have been counted. About 28 blank ballots were submitted, 37 were not adjudicated, and 715 were added by hand.

It should be noted that the votes of the centers in the south of the island have not yet been counted.

Earlier, the PPD Election Commissioner, Ramon TorresHe announced that the polling stations would be closed to make room for the counting of the votes that would decide who would take over the community presidency.

Torres called on college officials to remain in their duties.

On the other hand the alternate Election Commissioner said, Jorge Colberg Paul, He said that more than 47,000 voters exercised their right to vote today.

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morovice mayor, Carmen Maldonadobefore being defeated after the special election People’s Democratic Party and offered his support to the representative, Jesus Manuel Ortiz Whoever understands will be the new head of society.

The popular people have expressed themselves today and I accept their determination with humility and a sense of loyalty to the institution of which I am a member and which has afforded them the opportunity to become mayor of my city. Today I offer my appreciation, endorsement, and support to the new President of the People’s Democratic Party, Jesús Manuel Ortiz. I am available as he deems necessary for the good of the People’s Party and Puerto RicoMaldonado expressed through social networks.

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In the same way, he reiterated his determination to remain in charge of the municipal seat of Morovice and aspire to be appointed governor by the HDP in 2024.

My sincere thanks to everyone who has placed their trust in me and especially the entire Electoral Army for all their support in the process!“, I finish.

While the outgoing president of the People’s Democratic Party, José Luis Dalmão, said that once the results of the special collegiate elections are known, all the people must work with the president or the new president.To have this party ready for the election cycle and ready to win the 2024 election“.

The person favored in this election today will head the party and will have the task of keeping the party militant and united, but not only he, all of us, all popular figures have this responsibility and every day, whether or not I have leadership positions, I have distinguished myself by maintaining unity The party and its struggle, avoiding unnecessary disagreements, presenting proposals in the corresponding forums and strengthening the unity of society.. I urge all popular figures to unite with this junta and be toughHe told the press at the community headquarters in Puerta de Tierra before learning the final results of the electoral contest.

They measured the forces in this particular election, Mayor of Morovies, Carmen Maldonado, Mayor of Villalba, Luis Javier Hernandez and Representative Jesús Manuel Ortiz.

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