CNE completed the 31-minute count, ordered by Yaku Pérez | Politics News

CNE completed the 31-minute count, ordered by Yaku Pérez |  Politics  News

Before the recount, Pachacutec and its candidate, Yaku Perez, expected to challenge the results before the Electoral Dispute Tribunal.

The National Electoral Council (CNE) said today, Saturday, that the corresponding votes were counted for 31 minutes that the commission’s general body ordered to be counted, after the request of the Pachakutik movement and its presidential candidate. Yaco Perez.

He and his group confirm that irregularities occurred in the electoral process on March 7, and that is why he provided 27,767 minutes corresponding to the votes of the Presidency and Council members. But the agency decided to review only 31 documents.

“The provincial electoral councils have met since this morning to recount the votes in Santo Domingo de los Zachilas; 1 in Canar; 15 in Guayas; 2 in Los Rios; 1 in Cotopaxi; 1 in Azzuay; 8 in Esmeraldas; 1 in Carracci; and 1 in Pichincha, “the entity stated in a statement.

Perez and Pachacutec had already come forward, knowing that CNE It will review just 31 minutes, which will challenge and resume the election results (which led to the second round of Andres Arause and Guillermo Laso) on Monday before the Electoral Dispute Tribunal.

To ensure the transparency of this process, the sessions were broadcast live and without interruption through the official accounts of the electoral delegations of the aforementioned governorates. Once the process is complete, the regional electoral councils will issue a report to the plenary session of the National Electoral Council to update the results, “the agency added. (I am)

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