Coinbase crashes for several minutes after a smart ad airs during the Super Bowl

Coinbase crashes for several minutes after a smart ad airs during the Super Bowl


February 14, 2022 13:19 GMT

The ad, which offered $15 worth of free Bitcoin for new signups, estimated the ad cost at more than $13 million.

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase crashed for several minutes on Sunday after a 60-second ad aired during the Super Bowl, which featured a square QR code that bounced and changed color like a screensaver similar to the logo on a DVD in the 2000s.

The commercial prompted thousands of people across the United States to pull out their phones and scan the code, which led to a promotional page for the platform and Offered $15 in Free Bitcoin For new registrations and a chance to win 3 million prizes.

However, this sudden large influx of users forced the platform to restrict traffic for several minutes, after receiving several reports on social media that the site had been blocked.

On Sunday night, Surojit Chatterjee, the company’s chief product officer, announced that its services were back up and running again, after it had to throttle traffic to its website due to a viral Super Bowl ad. “Coinbase saw more traffic than we’ve ever experienced, but our teams got together and only had to organize traffic for a few minutes,” books on Twitter. “Now we are back and ready for you.”

However, many netizens expressed disappointment with the platform’s performance and said the company should have done more to prepare.

Coinbase spends $16 million on a Super Bowl ad to get people to their website and $0 to make sure the website doesn’t crash ten seconds after the ad starts critical user.

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Another user wrote, referring to History of crash and crash from the platform.

On the other hand, the smart and simple advertising that according to The media Cost more than 13 million dollarsAnd he was praised. Billionaire investor Mark Cuban chirp: “The text-free QR code advertisement was great.”

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