A millionaire says he will go into space more than any other human being in the last 50 years

A millionaire says he will go into space more than any other human being in the last 50 years


15 February 2022 02:08 GMT

Jared Isaacman will be the Commander-in-Chief of the SpaceX mission baptized as Polaris Dawn, which is expected to take place in November or December this year.

American billionaire and astronaut Jared Isaacman has promised to go into space sooner than any other human being in the last 50 years. TodayFrom the NBC network.

“We’re going to go into space more than humans have gone since the last time it happened on the moon,” said the 39-year-old man, the company that founded the SpaceX spacecraft. Elon Musk.

Who will come with him?

Although there is no specific date yet for the Starship ship’s first unmanned orbital test voyage, it is believed that it could take place in a few months, while the baptized mission as Polaris Dawn will take place in November or December. .

Accompanying Isaacman as Commander-in-Chief Scott Bottie, Senior Pilot US Air Force fighter aircraft. SpaceX Operations Engineer Sarah Gillis and her colleague Anna Menon will complete the team.

“I think it’s natural to feel butterflies [en el estómago]But I’m very confident in the SpaceX team, “Menon said when asked by host Tom Costello if they were nervous about coming.

“Intrinsic Danger”

Video: Wonderful moment when members of the first SpaceX mission see Earth for the first time with a civilian crew

For his part, Bodeet said they were ready for work. “We’ve going to start training here soon. There’s an inherent risk in everything we do,” he admitted without elaborating. “I’m so excited to see how the vibration is!” Gillis said.

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Last September, Isaacman was a part of it Inspiration4, The first SpaceX space flight with the entire civilian crew. This was carried out on a crew dragon ship and stayed in low Earth orbit for several days, during which a series of scientific experiments were carried out.

The work raised about $ 240 million for St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis (USA), a medical center specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer and other serious illnesses.

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