Colombia vs. Uruguay: Copa America 2024 semi-final goals, video and results | TUDN Uruguay vs Colombia

Colombia vs.  Uruguay: Copa America 2024 semi-final goals, video and results |  TUDN Uruguay vs Colombia

The best coffee is now served in America, far from the best coffee trees, but close to the continent's best feet: Colombia Distribute the coffee, bread and glory at this time Copa America 2024There he settled in the final against Argentina.

The Colombian side agonizingly beat Uruguay 1-0, the best and most dramatic performance so far in a major continental tournament, in a fight enjoyed by many, that's true, although Bielsa's 'madness' was bid farewell.

With both teams not winning the Copa America and risking their lives in this match in Charlotte, this Wednesday night's final of the continental competition looks like the 'nail' was tougher than ever. The 'cafeteros' had more caffeine than ever, and as a result, the pace was frenetic.

The exchange was brutal from the first minutes, and those who arrived in the area did not necessarily sign a great game, but for many, it was the best this Copa America had to offer. Even so, Colombia started to advance the meters.

Uruguay lost Betancourt Because of the injury, from that moment on came something very rare: a loss of concentration for Uruguay, for which they paid dearly.

A set piece plays it off Jefferson Lerma A header early in the frame was enough for the scoreboard to give the 'Cafeteros' a pass from the 39th minute, but elements from both sides kept the fans in the bank on the edge of their seats. America Stadium.

And when Daniel Munoz A few minutes later, he became enraged and was ejected after throwing an incredible elbow in frustration. Mexican Cesar Arturo Ramos hesitated, but received a red card with the help of VAR.

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Néstor Lorenzo's men got into their frame as the script dictated, while Darvin Nunes and Luis Suarez, too, saw how they spurned chances in dramatic fashion. Mateusz Uribe twice missed chances for Uruguay, but the ball didn't go in.

Suffering happened at the end of the day and Colombia, the possibility of all caffeine, will leave Marcelo Bielsa without sleep, again the love of football, but without the reward of titles. The final is against Argentina, who will take the best coffee trees to Miami this Sunday.

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