Colombians can now apply for 2023 temporary work visas in the United States.

Colombians can now apply for 2023 temporary work visas in the United States.

US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) The list of countries whose citizens will be able to apply for it has been revealed Temporary work visa for 2023 Among this list, Colombian nationality was found.

Colombians will be able to apply to be a part of H-2A Visa Programsfocused on the agricultural sector, and H-2B Visa Programwhich are classified as “non-agricultural” and include sectors such as tourism, hotels, construction and other services.

The first step in obtaining a visa is to find an employer who needs labor in the United States. This can be obtained by applying, for example, to Work section tools who usually apply for vacancies for various positions.

After verifying the requesting company be legal And meet the requirements required by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the employer must send Request for a temporary work certificate with the US Department of Labor.

The second step must be taken by the employer: File Form I-129i.e. “Non-immigrant Worker Petition” on behalf of the job applicant to be submitted to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

If this form is approved by USCIS, the applicant must bring documents to US Embassy or Consulate The closest to the visa application you are interested in respectively: H-2A or H-2B.

To apply for H-2A and H-2B visas, a fee of $190 must be paid.

to get H-2A Visa for Agricultural WorkWork experience or academic qualifications are not required, however, they are requested to consider that it is a job Requires a long time standing, kneeling, or squatting Which will be easier to join experienced in working with various tools, Harvest the fruits, sow them or trade them in machines.

At the same time, H-2B . visa It also does not require an academic degree or work experience, although it is desirable that you have skills related to the sector you will be entering. Work as a kitchen, cleaning service, construction, gardening, or butcher shop.

In both cases, it is noted that the maximum period of stay is three years, and if you want to change companies, you must apply Other procedures in the company that initially hired him.

Apart from Colombia, these countries can also advance in the world:

Germany, Spain, Liechtenstein, United Kingdom, Andorra, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Argentina, Philippines, Luxembourg, Republic of Cyprus, Australia, Finland, North Macedonia, Dominican Republic, Austria, Fiji, Madagascar, Kingdom of Eswatini, Barbados, France, Malta, Romania, Belgium, Greece, Mexico, San Marino, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Grenada, Monaco, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Brazil, Guatemala, Mongolia, Saint Lucia, Brunei, Haiti, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Honduras, Mozambique, Singapore , Canada, Hungary, Nauru, South Africa, Chile, Ireland, Nicaragua, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, South Korea, Solomon Islands, New Zealand, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Mauritius, Panama, Thailand, Croatia, Israel, Netherlands, East Timor , Denmark, Italy, Papua New Guinea, Turkey, Ecuador, Jamaica, Paraguay, Tuvalu, El Salvador, Japan, Peru, Ukraine, Slovakia, Kiribati, Poland, Uruguay, Slovenia, Latvia, Portugal and Vanuatu.

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