Covid-19 victim doctor: I was not mistaken in the profession but in the countryside

Covid-19 victim doctor: I was not mistaken in the profession but in the countryside

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. – A few months after graduating as a doctor, Evith Sari Zepeda (29) He died due to the devastation he had suffered Covid-19 Cheers.

Thanks to her charisma and professionalism, she has helped many people while doing her noble and hard work in the country in which she was born.

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However, for a few months, discontent and anger seized the young professional, as she witnessed how her compatriots died and suffered after not having the supplies needed to fight the deadly virus.


On April 22 of this year, Zepeda shared a post on his Facebook account, announcing his annoyance and disappointment with dealing with the pandemic in Honduras. In this letter I quote the president Juan Orlando Hernandez And the governmental authorities, wishing them divine forgiveness for the “harm” they had suffered in all parts of the “country”.

Take as a reference from the news from Spanish newspaper El PaisWhose address he saidHonduras will take 11 years to vaccinate all of its inhabitantsThe doctor did not hesitate to express her dissatisfaction with the aforementioned “statement.” In the meantime, or that the virus kills us or we get innate immunity every 4 months.

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Then he explained how “it is a shame to be a doctor in the wrong country. To suffer from a corruption of the third world system, where the need for health is so great, even worse than it was when you are sick, to know that things will continue to happen”.

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He concluded by saying on behalf of all the health professionals, “We are dealing with Covid, and we are victims of a vile regime: I hope you know, Mr. President and government ministers, may God bless those things that they do.” We hope they will regret it. For the damage they have inflicted on an entire country for a long time. “

Ephith Sari’s body was taken to the municipality of San Buenaventura, Francisco Morazan, where his remains will be buried.

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