Competition summary; Day-2 Tigers Vs. Publa (0-2); Gignac failed

Competition summary;  Day-2 Tigers Vs.  Publa (0-2);  Gignac failed

The Tigers were surprised by Pipla, Margin Took all three points Volcano In the first game of the house cats, winning 2-0 Closing 2022.

Carlos Salceto He was the one who gave the audience the first goal advantage With own goalIn the defender’s last game with Ariasuls, he moved. MLS of Toronto; In the end though, Andre Pierre Gignok This may have been the key to Ariasul’s reaction, as the Frenchman missed a penalty.

Everything went wrong for UANL from the start of the game, because 24 ‘ Of Florian thaw He put a pass to Zignag, and even though he scored, the goal was canceled with everything and VAR.

Two minutes later, at 26 ‘the defeat began and a bitter farewell to Salcito because when Maximilian Araujo Arrived and the ball collided with the post, hit the rebound Titan With this he scored his own goal 1-0.

The Tigers tried to react, so at 41 ‘it got a dangerous arrival Dental Lopez Fell in the area, but nothing was marked; When at 45 + 1 ‘, Louis Quinones Invalid Paul Barra, Who then made it 2-0 Nahuel Guzman The shot was guessed, but could not stop.

At 56 ‘, Kignok banged in a header and, incredibly, finished with Puebla’s goalkeeper. Anthony Silva, Saved by his body and then prevented the ball from entering by a room, however VAR had to enter to make sure it was not the goal.

Gignac tried with a pass Louis Quinones, But the goalkeeper saved; Later in the game, at 63 ‘, the Frenchman put the ball on the crossbar.

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At 85, the Referee Louis Enrique Santander Scored a penalty for a mistake Kings of Israel About Guido Pizarro, A very suspicious activity that has not even been verified by the VAR.

Zignag was in charge of collecting and failed, Sending the ball to the post, missed the chance to go into reaction in the final moments.

Thus, The LTTE has not yet won in 2022, There is only one point in six and the defensive weakness is high; Puebla is proud to have reached four units and made the cats in his own home anxious.





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