President Evan Duque met Bill Clinton: What were they talking about?

President Evan Duque met Bill Clinton: What were they talking about?

On his recent trip to Ecuador, President Ivan Duque had a meeting with former United States President Bill Clinton. Both are invited by President Guillermo Laso to take part in the official work of expanding the Galapagos Marine Reserve.

After a conversation that lasted several minutes, Duque thanked Clinton for her commitment to Colombia, her support for the TPA policy, and her support for “our strategy toward carbon neutrality.” “We will always appreciate what you have done for our country. “We look forward to it soon,” the president added.

On his trip to the neighboring country, Duque ratified his battle against the climate crisis with Ecuador, Costa Rica and Panama through the decree establishing the Hermandad Protectorate and incorporating the Gal√°pagos Islands into the world’s largest marine area. This initiative – as indicated by the Colombian president – is supported by former President Clinton.

The decree signed by President Lasso, according to Duque, formalizes the Eastern Tropical-Pacific Seaway, made up of Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Costa Rica as the largest marine protected area on the planet.

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