Confirmed the first phase of the Federal Formative League under 15 years

Confirmed the first phase of the Federal Formative League under 15 years

The new national competition for the secondary categories will start next Saturday, August 27 with the male category under 15 years old. 56 teams and 24 matches participate in four regions.

The first edition of Liga Federal Formativa, the national competition for the U13, U15 and U17 categories in the male and female divisions, kicks off. The first to come out on the field will be the U-15 boys, who will attend their first game next Saturday. The 56 teams are divided into four regions according to geographical proximity.

Each stage will be the best of two matches, both on the best positioned field, which appears first in the match. The first game will be on Saturday 27 August at 9:00 pm and the second on Sunday 28 August at 11:00 am. Dates are not subject to change, but the match schedule can be modified by mutual agreement of both clubs. All games will be broadcast via BasketballPass.

Next, we will detail the schedule for the first stage. All matches will be with Siredi CAB scoring system and digital spreadsheet.

Southern area
Yoppen vs Hispanic
Amigos Club vs San Miguel
Gymnastics and fencing from Commodore vs Petrolero Argentino
Cipolite, opposite Perfora de Plaza Huincol
Spanish position against Ferro de Puerto Madryn
Del Progreso vs Jorge Newbery

Zoros and Independiente de Neuquén are released and move on to the next stage

downtown area
Gymnastics and fencing from Lomas vs. Bahians del Norte
Uruguay’s Regatas vs Paraná students
Quilmes vs. Argentino de Castelar
Realeco vs South Park
Penarol vs Olympus Bahia Blanca
Independent of La Pampa vs July 9th from Bahía Blanca

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* Obras Centro and Neptunia move to the next stage

NOA / NEA . area
San Martin de Corrientes vs Coemesa
Basketball Tucuman vs Olympique Lapanda
Student Athletes vs Hindus
Coty vs Regatta
Independent Rawal vs. Cultural Belgrano

* Regatas Corrientes, Unión Progresista and Villa San Martín go to the next stage

central koiu
Facundo vs Red Star
Union Central vs Atletico Riojano
Urquiza Jachal vs CBA Institute
Riachuelo vs San Rafael Tennis
Alberdi vs Sporting Estrela
Morialdo vs Mendoza Regattas
Rivadavia vs Sportivo Bolivar

* Athens Sports Club moves to the next stage

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