Massive release of Governor Jay Fonseca to demand respect for the homeland – – News

Massive release of Governor Jay Fonseca to demand respect for the homeland – – News

As a result of the LUMA Energy press conference on the country’s energy problems, the lawyer and analyst sent a powerful message to Pedro Pierluisi.

Lawyer and analyst Guy Fonseca asked NotiCentro reporter and broadcaster Normando Valentine how he felt about what happened at LUMA’s press conference.

What solutions does LUMA offer for pruning problems?

LUMA Energy managers gave a press conference to provide details of the recent breakdowns and power outages that yesterday left more than 200,000 customers without power.

Although they realize that Wednesday’s blackout has something to do with the vegetation issue, they realize that there is a huge problem with generation and storage capacity for this generation.

LUMA maintains that they address the pruning problem, although they maintain that it is an inherited problem.

However, when asked by the Fourth Authority’s detective, Cynthia Lopez Caban, they did not respond to the matter of Yutier and the guards trained to operate the high voltage lines and take care of emergencies within 20 minutes.

LUMA Energy executives confirmed today at a press conference that blackouts have decreased by 30 percent this year compared to last year.

In addition, they insisted that the system is weak due to accumulated degradation.

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