Congo Perez’s first signing at Cruz Azul: Who is Alan Cruz?

Congo Perez’s first signing at Cruz Azul: Who is Alan Cruz?

Alan Cruz has been confirmed as Cruz Azul’s new goalkeeper coach, who will be Congo Perez’s first major signing in his new face as sporting director.

Oscar Perez has already confirmed Alan Cruz as his first Cruz Azul signing.
© Imago 7Oscar Perez has already confirmed Alan Cruz as his first Cruz Azul signing.

Although it has not been officially announced as Sports managerAnd the Oscar Perez had already secured his management’s first great signing When you confirm the new Goalkeeper coachwho comes to He took the position vacated by the hare himself As he turns towards what will be his new position on the board: Alan Cruz.

The 56 years old, former goalkeeper He is a man with confidence Perez rabbitwho I’ve already worked with before, like wing And also shoulder to shoulder, covered with a shirt Pachucasince he was the goalkeeper coach that he had in the last years of his life Professional archer career.

Even then, it was Perez rabbit Alan Cruz was considered an essential part of staying fit to play up to the age of 45 years And to be able to compete in it Great levelbecause of the setting he gave him, for which he was always grateful, and now he found the best way to repay him from His new face in Cruz Azul.

As a coach he is very demanding. Coach who always gets the details right, up to date, Always analyze work situationshas a lot of variants, almost never repeats the exercises, It always gives you so much joy, Obviously, this variety helps you to be more attentive, To enjoy more exercises“, Cautious in an interview from Pachuca the symbolic source of Cruz Azul on Alan Cruz.

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Moreover, once Oscar Perez has decided to retire as a professional goalkeeperJoin to work together Alan Cruz Also as a goalkeeper coach, in the Technical Corps’s Martin Palermo when he was heading to Pachuca.

An old acquaintance of Botro Gutierrez

And if that wasn’t enough, Alan Cruz was also a court mate Who works today as a technical director: Raul Gutierrez. As a goalkeeper, he mainly came to prominence in the 90s in Mexican football, and here’s why Established as champion with Atlante In the 1992-93 season, where he was a partner foal.

Moreover , New goalkeeper coach La Maquina He also wore T-shirts Cobras and Tecos from UAG and Puebla, Monarchs and Jaguars In his time as a goalkeeper in Mexican football.

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