Conmebol admits umpire's mistake in Brazil vs Colombia by disallowing penalty

Conmebol admits umpire's mistake in Brazil vs Colombia by disallowing penalty

The Conmebol He admitted that on Wednesday VAR It was wrong not to review the decision of the central arbitrator regarding Colombia's 'irresponsible' contact. Daniel Munoz About Vinicius Jr Within the area Brazil vs. Colombia.

The match took place in the 42nd minute of the match Brazil and Colombia (1-1), at the end of Group D when they beat Canarinha Coffee 1-0. America's Cup United States 2024. Munoz intercepts Vinicius' pass inside the area, but the Venezuelan referee Jesus Valenzuela He saw that there was no infringement and ordered the game to continue.

“Touch the ball,” Valenzuela said in audio released Wednesday ConmebolOrganizer America's Cup.

VAR led by Argentina Mauro ViglianoThen sprung into action.

“We have to see if he touches the ball. We have to see if the direction of the ball changes (…) if he pinches the ball, right? Yes,” the voice of VAR pointed out.

“Jesus (Valenzuela), very tight, you can resume. He pinches the ball as he gets his foot down, where he gives speed and then there's contact,” he added. Referee field.

How did Conmebol recognize VAR error in Copa America?

However, the Conmebol Analyzing the throw, he described it as follows: “In a dispute for the ball in the area, a defender does not touch the ball and the dispute results in reckless contact. Referee Failing to notice the action allows the game to continue.

Company specified VARIn an ethical manner, analyzing the play with different angles, speeds and considerations, 'the Brazilian forward recklessly failed to recognize that the defender had not touched the ball before making contact.'

“After this, The VAR Incorrectly, confirming the original field result,” he admitted South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL).

The play's resolution was heavily criticized by the Brazilian coach, Dorival JrAt the end of the match, it ended in a tie (1-1) as a penalty was not awarded after some time. Vini Daniel Munoz himself would equalize the scoreboard.

“The referee was decisive. Inside the stadium, he and VAR were the only ones who didn't see the penalty, that was for sure. Brazil Too affected,” criticized the coach.

According to him, this maximum penalty could have changed the course of the game Canarinha It would have been possible to go 2-0 up and condemn the counter-attack.

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The instructor also didn't think the warning was valid. Vinicius Gai left shortly after starting the game James Rodriguez Closer to the region, that would knock him out of the quarter-finals Uruguay Due to card accumulation.

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