Ted Cruz wonders in Cancun amid crisis in Texas: “Our girls wanted to go on a trip, I wanted to be a good father” | International

Ted Cruz wonders in Cancun amid crisis in Texas: “Our girls wanted to go on a trip, I wanted to be a good father” |  International

The Texan Senator Ted Cruz He returns to the United States this Thursday after controversy over his escape to Cancun (Mexico), while millions of state citizens have been stranded for four days. No water or electricity due to supply problems caused by the storm. Cruise, who a few days ago encouraged people to “stay safe at home and hug children”, went to a popular Mexican holiday destination with his family on Wednesday. After a barrage of criticism, the Republican politician explained in a statement that he wanted his daughters to go on a trip with friends and went with them with the intention of returning the next day.

“Since school was canceled for a week, our girls wanted to go on a trip with friends. I want to be a good father, I went on a plane with them last night and I’ll be back this afternoon, ”the senator explained in a statement. “My team and I are in constant contact to get to the bottom of the question of what happened in Texas. We want electricity and water to be returned so that our homes can be reheated,” he added.

Texas faces unprecedented cold and blizzards in the region. Half a million homes were still without electricity, although power outages were significantly reduced on Thursday, according to PowerAttage monitoring data. Disabling power generators has been linked to a logical demand and has created unusual images of citizens on the street heating themselves up with fire. A day before leaving for Cancun, Cruz asked people not to take risks and to be “safe at home.”

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Slander and ridicule abounded on social media. The Texas Democrats called for the senator to resign, describing him as an “enemy” of the state. “It’s no surprise that Dead Cruise flies to Mexico when Texans are frozen to death, but it’s very worrying and disappointing,” said Gilberto Hinojosa, head of creation. Cruz, Hinojosa expands, “Members of the Republican Party of Texas are a symbol of what has become: weak, corrupt, incompetent and selfish politicians do not care about the people they represent.”

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