Controversy in Bolivia over student leader who attended university 33 years ago

Controversy in Bolivia over student leader who attended university 33 years ago

A new corruption scandal has been exposed in Bolivia, after a lawmaker from that country decided to bring a file A student leader in that country, accused of turning university representation into a “business”, Because, despite being a de facto member of the community of a university in that country, as a student, he maintained this status for 33 years, without ever having obtained any professional degree from any of the professions he held until now. in the institution.

The concerned student is A 52-year-old man known as Max Mendoza, who currently holds the position of President of the Confederation of Bolivian Universities (CUB), The position for which he currently receives a salary paid by the state, the same as that for which he contributes to his training, because he appears to have been registered as a member of a public institution in that country for more than three decades.

According to the report submitted to the authorities, Mendoza started several careers to keep in touch with the university; However, he is unable to successfully fulfill his student obligations, which he has been entrusted with since the late 1980s.

News of the complaint was revealed by Bolivian legislator Hector Ars, who at a press conference provided some details of the previous investigation in which he established his criminal complaint against Mendoza.

legislator Mendoza is accused of defrauding the state and taking advantage of it without justification for the purpose of illicit enrichment, Because, as president of the aforementioned Association of Student Representatives, he receives an approximate monthly salary of Bs 22,000, which is A number translated into the Colombian peso is close to 12.8 million.

According to the complaint filed by the legislator, the manipulative student has held the current position as president of the aforementioned Student Association for at least four years; But, in the past too Associated with other positions within the university representation.

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Regarding his academic performance, the legislator who filed the complaint stated, in statements collected by international media, that the aforementioned: He has failed more than 200 subjects in his college career, of which about 100 have a zero.

The aforementioned began in 1989 as a student of the business administration profession, which he later abandoned to enroll in the Law School, with which he was associated. At least 25 years, which translates to five times the total length of the career to obtain the title of attorney in that country.

The scandal in Bolivia took on significant proportions, because although it was known until now that the state provided important resources to student organizations, according to international media such as Agence France-Presse, it was not known that its leaders received salaries less than the amounts disclosed. .

In Bolivia, as in other countries of the region, There are multiple cases of “immortal” students at the public universityBut the condition of this student leader undoubtedly represents an unprecedented milestone.

In the complaint, in addition to accusing Mendoza of illicit enrichment, the accused legislator argued other charges such as “benefiting because of office, Uneconomic behavior and embezzlement,” according to international media.

The above case raises alarm alerts in that country, as it would not have come to light had it not been for a recent tragedy within a Bolivian university, where Tear gas canister explosion As part of a student gathering, it led to a stampede that left dozens wounded and four dead.

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Specifically, in the said place, developed in the Mathematical Center of Thomas Frias University, in the town of Potosi, the said student was present, who came to support the local elections of one of his supporters and friends as student delegates.

As a result of this tragedy, the authorities caught their responsibility Four people, including those summoned to the sharing space, and the young man who was in the middle of a heated discussion, Detonate a tear gas grenade Which triggered the event which was also recorded on video.

Because of this tragedy, dozens of students were taken to health centers, suffocating and suffocating in the middle of the stampede.

After the lawsuit against Mendoza was announced, the following statement was made by the Confederation that he presided over.

* With information from Agence France-Presse.

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