Corona virus latest news: UK deaths high since June

Corona virus latest news: UK deaths high since June

D.He is Justin Huckler In Berlin:

A part of the Bavarian Alps today will become the first place in Germany to go for a complete lockdown in response to the second wave of corona virus infection.

Residents of Perchdeskadner Land, a mountainous area near the Austrian border, have been ordered to stay in their homes from 2pm today. Schools, nurseries, restaurants and non-essential shops have been ordered to close.

The lockout was ordered after the weekly infection rate in the less populated region rose to 272 per 100,000 population, which was higher than the German limit of 50.

“There is no other way,” said Marcus Soder, Bavaria’s regional chief. “We can no longer find all the contact chains. So we have to control the contacts.”

Like the first lock in the spring, German restrictions are lighter than many countries. People are allowed to leave their homes for exercise or fresh air as they are allowed to go to work or shop for essential items, but must do so alone or with members of the same household.

Earlier this month, Bavarian mountain farmers diverted their livestock from summer pastures across Lake Coenxi near Perchdeskaten, see pictures below.

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